Rebates Ending Soon - Take Advantage Before They're Gone!


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Rebates Ending Soon, Take advantage! -

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About Us

Our Story

Our origin story traces back to our humble beginnings, where some guys with a van aspired to make a positive impact in the best way possible when energy rebates were absent, and only a few companies were engaged in solar initiatives in Nova Scotia. We saw the need for our solar solutions for homeowners. Since those early days, we have grown significantly, emerging as a prominent solar provider in Canada.

“We were here before the rebate, we'll be here after the rebates go away”

Our Services

What we do, we do well...

We specialize in installing Photo-Voltaic (PV) solar power systems for residential and commercial properties. We ensure efficient placement, whether on the roof, wall, or ground. Our headquarters are in Halifax, but our services extend to serve you anywhere in Canada.



Our objective has remained the same since our inception: to provide affordable solar energy systems for residential customers.

We are dedicated to bringing solar energy into the mainstream as a viable alternative to nonrenewable energy. We’re gold sponsors for the Nature Conservancy of Canada, symbolizing our dedication to environmental conservation and a substantial effort to reduce our business’s carbon emissions footprint.