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Workmanship is our priority.

The #1 thing people want when hiring a contractor to do anything is that the contractor does a good job.  

Our #1 mission is to do the best job possible. Stanton Solar is a ‘people over profits’ company that strives to have a net positive effect on the world.

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We try to be as reachable and quick to respond as possible. We are highly reviewed for response and service. It’s important to us because it’s important to you.

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Being one of the original solar contractors in the province before the rebate we would just like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us! There are a lot of out of province sales companies with big money behind them. It’s been whirlwind the past few years but Nova Scotia’s ‘Buy Local’ culture has been a key to our success


Solar systems are a unique investment for Nova Scotians. They have a high risk return but are a low risk product.


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We like nice things and we assume you do to.

We only use top quality solar panels and inverters. Our name means a lot to us, so we set each system up as if it were our own. Below are a few of the partners we work with.