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Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we recieve about Nova Scotia Solar power.

We use NREL SAM to model your solar system. It’s regarded as the best in the world. Initially created for the United States Government to design power plants, it’s now publicly available for all solar projects.

YES – even though Nova Scotia can sometimes be cloudy, solar power is still a great solution! Solar PV (PhotoVoltaics) will work all winter long. However, December, January and February produce very little. March is the first month of good energy output. On an annual basis the energy you create and bank through March to November carries into those winter months. 

Savings from any solar system depends on many factors, each home is unique. Systems are limited by historical consumption, roof space, electrical service size, etc. They are miniature power plants. Design and equipment also play a large factor. Cheaper gear and installs means higher maintenance costs down the road, which will eat into your savings. 

A Carbon Tax is a fee imposed on the burning of carbon-based fuels (coal, oil, gas). In Nova Scotia we have a cap and trade system. More information can be found in our About Solar section.


Solar production December through February is next to nothing. March through November are your production months. Winter production is a small fraction of your annual production and the week or 2 of snow on the panels amounts to a tiny fraction of the already small fraction. It is definitely not worth breaking your neck trying to clear it or spending money to try to clear it.

Just relax and wait for the spring.

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