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Cozy Colchester – Don’t Miss This Solar Panel Program!

The Cost-Saving Solar Program for Colchester County! 

Nova Scotia is investing in Solar, particularly in Solar Panels for residential homes. The best example is the latest Solar program coming out of Colchester Country – Solar Colchester!

The Solar Colchester Program is a new initiative designed to help rural home-owners in Colchester county get access to Solar Panels with the help of some great financing. The Solar Colchester program will also connect you with a program advisor who can help you make the right choices to move towards carbon-neutral living! 


What Are The Benefits of Solar Colchester? 

Directly from the Solar Colchester website…

The program provides 0% interest financing to install solar panels and gives you access to an energy advisor to guide you through the whole process. This includes answering your questions, assisting with obtaining quotes, and ensuring you take advantage of provincial and federal rebate programs. 

Solar Colchester Benefits:
  • Solar Colchester Benefits:

  • 4.75% interest rate

  • No Money Down

  • Finance up to $30,000 or 25% of your property value (whichever is less

  • Financing through your property, not personal credit

  • Up to 15-year term

  • Low monthly payments with typical savings that will exceed payment

  • Financing through your property, not personal credit


See all the benefits and more information here.


Stanton Solar is an Approved Contractor!

Stanton Solar has worked on many homes in Rural Nova Scotia and Colchester County. We take pride in the work we do helping homeowners become more environmentally friendly, and save on their bottom line.



Are You Looking Into Solar For Your Home?

Now is the perfect time to take the leap into the world of Solar Savings! 

Doing your part to help save the environment, while also saving costs on your monthly expenses, is a no-brainer with this program. Visit the Solar Colchester website to verify your eligibility, or call  (902) 920-0615 and get in touch with the program coordinators.

Get in touch today!

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