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Rebates Ending Soon, Take advantage! -

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What should you know about Enhanced Net Metering?

Nova Scotia has an amazing net metering program that eliminates the need for batteries, monitoring or lifestyle changes.

The net metering program offered from Nova Scotia power allows you to stay connected to the utility and use the grid as your battery. If your solar system produces more energy than you use at any one time, the un-used electricity will flow onto the local grid for others to use and you get a 1:1 credit.

That is amazing because you don’t have the overhead costs like NSP however you are getting a 1:1 credit, essentially you are charging NSP the same rate they are charging you! If you generate more electricity than you can use, these surplus kilowatt-hours (kWh) will be “banked” and applied to your next bill to offset any electricity drawn from the grid. If you produce more than you use then once a year they will send you money. Imagine the utility PAYING YOU!

When participating in the Net Metering Program you can generate your own electricity while still being able to draw from our power grid when needed.

When signing your net metering agreement (NMA) the 1:1 credit system is indefinite. There is no expiry date. However, if NSP changes the credit amount, all existing agreements will be grandfathered for 25 years from the change.

As per the Nova Scotia Electricity Act.

Take advantage of all the programs and incentives you can while they last!

We’ve seen all kind of programs roll out from Nova Scotia Power and we’ve successfully completed hundreds of amazing installs. If you want to learn move about how Stanton Solar can help you, visit the FAQ page to learn more.

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