Rebates Ending Soon - Take Advantage Before They're Gone!


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Rebates Ending Soon, Take advantage! -

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Your Guide To Loans and Rebates in Canada

Welcome to the renewable revolution! At Stanton Solar, we’re committed to helping Canadians harness the sun’s power like never before. With the 2023 Federal Budget, a new era dawns for solar energy, packed with incentives that make going solar an attractive and intelligent decision. Here’s a glimpse of what’s shining on the horizon:

Empowering Your Choices with the Clean Technology Investment Tax Credit

Leap into the future with the Clean Technology Investment Tax Credit—a generous 30% refundable tax credit on the capital cost of your solar PV investments. This forward-thinking incentive is not just a game-changer; it’s a planet-changer, available through 2034.

Bringing Communities Together with the Clean Electricity Investment Tax Credit

In a nod to community power, the Clean Electricity Investment Tax Credit offers a 15% refundable credit on solar projects for non-taxable entities. Indigenous communities, municipal utilities, and more now have a sunnier outlook for adopting solar energy.

Commercial Incentives: Accelerating Your Business Growth

For our commercial clients, the Accelerated Capital Cost Allowance and the Canadian Renewable Conservation Expense (CRCE) significantly reduce taxable income and allow immediate deductions for startup costs. It’s not just an investment in solar—it’s an investment in your business’s future.

Financing Your Solar Dream: Interest-Free Loans for Homeowners

Imagine upgrading your home with solar panels without the stress of upfront costs. Our federal incentives include interest-free loans of up to $40,000, making solar upgrades more accessible.

Investment Tax Credit (ITC): Fueling Business Competitiveness

Businesses can thrive with the Investment Tax Credit, capturing up to 30% of the capital cost for clean technology investments. Maintaining a competitive edge in the green economy is a strategic boost.

At Stanton Solar, with our stellar track record of 5-star customer satisfaction, we are more than a company; we are your partners in this sustainable journey. The future is bright, and with these incentives, it’s undeniably solar. Let’s illuminate the path to a greener tomorrow together.

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