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Solar Panels – Do They Really Increase Your Home’s Value?

homes with solar panels on top

How Solar Panels Increase the Value of Your Home

Nova Scotia is increasingly prioritizing solar panels and solar technology for homeowners through various grants and funding programs. In Colchester alone, there are programs that will pay up to $30000.00 with 0% financing to equip your home with solar technology.

Making an investment in a home brings up the question of whether the investment is going to positively impact the value of the home.


The question isn’t whether solar technology will improve the home value or not, the question is “by how much?”
The statistics on Home Value Improvement from solar technology show a positive trend for those who adopt the technology of the future.


Why Does Solar Technology Increase The Value of The Home So Much? 

Solar technology is the direction many industries are heading and for Residential Homes it makes perfect sense. The investment required to actually start harnessing electricity for free is very low when you consider all the benefits.
Once a home adopts solar technology, there is tremendous value in not having to rely solely on utility companies. The reduction in your power bill each month makes it a no-brainer!

How Much Will My Home’s Value Increase? 

As new technology emerges, the data changes, but in recent years studies have shown that the value of your home could increase by up to 5%. Not only does this mean you’re increasing the value of your home but you are also having money each month that would have gone to power companies.


How Do I Find Out If Solar Is Right For My Home?

Solar technology will work for most homes out there – your home is probably a perfect candidate! While environmental factors have an effect on the performance, most homes in Nova Scotia would benefit from increasing solar power capabilities.

There are many factors that contribute to the high performance of a solar panel so it’s important to talk to an expert about it. Finding the right solution for the right price is important to most of us – talk to an expert today!

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